CCI AG Switzerland


  • Project Director with lead of up to 14 direct project managers
  • Deputy Nuclear Services: Technical and disciplinary head of various departments with about 140 employees and various subcontractors
  • Resolve main problems: Main problem: Company in Switzerland (Subsidiary of headquarter based in Los Angeles/USA) needs urgently to adapt the tremendous increase of sales in different Nuclear departments.
  • Lead of large Nuclear EPC projects (LSTK)
  • Reorganize organizational structure of departments
  • Interviews with job seekers to fill departments with qualified people
  • Establish proper communication within departments
  • Establish regular progress meetings with all departments to follow up progress (technical, commercial and operational)
  • Lead proposal and contracts review meetings
  • Full P/L responsibility
  • Resolve issues with quality and performance of subcontractors
  • Develop back up plan for external resources on construction sites
  • Develop plan to accomplish all installations on construction sites (manpower)
  • Put all projects back on track

Realizations/ Activities:

  • Following main areas: Strainer (complex filter systems for ECCS), fuel storage racks, refurbishment, piping, vessels, turbines, heat exchangers, valves.
  • Full responsibility of Nuclear projects in the Nuclear Service from proposal to commissioning
  • Negotiations with customers for technical or commercial details
  • Coordination of the tasks between internal and external departments (construction, calculation, QM, purchasing and fabrication)
  • Monitoring and tracking costs and time schedule
  • Kick-off meetings all over the world
  • Problem solver all over the world
  • Directly responsible for all project related information
  • Training of my team and associated departments (technical and commercial)
  • Capacity planning for the Nuclear Service (all departments)
  • Optimization of the production of our main sub suppliers (lead time could be reduced up to 50{be9950c9703f1ee3f67f79e564b725b0d7024538a678c8b77843f90726a75a4e})
  • All projects have been finished to the highest satisfaction of our customers (without delays and without any liquidated damages)
  • Reference to customers worldwide, a few are listed hereby: AEP (USA) / APS (USA) / ANO (USA) / AREVA (France) / ESKOM (South-Africa) / TOSHIBA (Japan) / Tokyo Electric
  • Full P and L responsibility
  • Technical and commercial contract review and approval
  • Daily problem resolving


  • Restructuring of all departments inside and outside accomplished.
  • Sufficient manpower internal available.
  • Powered up efficiency of all departments
  • With more manpower in engineering we could develop more efficient and cost saving strainers
  • Established regular daily project review meetings with strong proactive action plans to meet our company’s objectives.
  • Risk assessment of external production resources (worst case scenario)
  • Organized very well working pool of qualified nuclear resources worldwide to accomplish all projects
  • All projects in budget and time back on track
  • Process improvement of production of external suppliers successfully analysed and established
  • Production back up plan developed with additional resources of suppliers in Switzerland and in Germany (to avoid worst case scenario)
  • Consolidated business relationships between all international clients
  • Training of managers successfully accomplished
  • Annual stable increase of sales and profit margin

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