SAPPI SA (South Africa) – Fixed-Term Contract

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    MS-Office, SAP, internal programs, CATIA, Isomat


  • Technical and disciplinary head of various departments with about 70 employees and various subcontractors
  • Interim Project Director position to resolve main problems on site
  • Lump sum turnkey project

Realizations/ Activities:

  • Woodyard: New hardwood chipping line
  • Fibre line: Installation of a new digester plant that will consist of 6 new batch digesters and a new bleach plant
  • Digester: Modification of digester 2.
  • Pulp Drying: No.3 Uptake Machine will be modified to be able to successfully run with chemical cellulose pulp. A new broke tower will be installed, the cleaner system upgraded and demin water shower to improve pulp cleanliness. The existing dryer will be replaced with a new dryer.
  • Evaporation: The evaporation plant will be modified to cope with the increased WBL generated by the digesters.
  • Recovery Boiler: Existing No.2 CRF will be upgraded to be able to steam at higher rates. A new Chloride removal system will be installed.
  • Balance of Plant: New interconnecting piping and pipe bridges between the existing and new plant. Expansion of the Mill’s compressed air system. Installation of a new demineralized water plant to meet the high quality water demand of No.3 Uptake Machine. Installation of a new Chlorine Dioxide Plant to cope with the new Bleaching sequence
  • Knowledge of FIDIC general conditions


  • All major issues resolved. Project back on track. Budget within specified parameters.

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